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Summer Break

Classes starting August 14, 2017- September 17, 2017

Registration starts August 7, 2017

203 Interpreting the Bible 


 (No textbook required but internet site required reading.)
 Moore, Mark.  Principles of Interpretation Notebook.  An online unpublished internet document for use in introductory level courses.  Access at:


Student will:
1) Describe how you plan to apply your selected scripture text to your professional or ministry life.  Cite the examples of usage, your analysis, and how you will use such practices in the future.  (ministry)
2) Select one scripture passage from the list in syllabus and work through the five weeks of the course using that passage consistently for assignments.  (biblical)
3) Identify and explain how you plan to apply your selected scripture text to your personal life.  Cite the respective principles, your position on the principle, advantages/disadvantages, and how you will use such practices. (individual)

101 Crossing 101


The Book of Acts, New International Version.

Blackaby, Henry and King, Claude.  (2007),  Experiencing God.  Workbook

Lifeway Pub.

Coleman, Robert.  (1993),  Master Plan of Evangelism.  Grand Rapids:  Baker Books. 

Harris, Jerry (2011),  Micropolitan Church  Crossbooks Publishing


Student will:

1)  outline action steps in the development of a comprehensive personal faith statement, an introductory study of the church (Acts), and completion of the Experiencing God workbook. (Individual)

2)  compare and contrast how The Crossing interfaces with the Biblical model for evangelism, discipleship, and church organizational structure.  (Bible)

3)  show how their church role and responsibilities connects to the Biblical model and fits inside The Crossing paradigm.  (Ministry)



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