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Here are some great options for ordering books cheaper online- 


101 - Crossing 101

The Book of Acts, New International Version.

Blackaby, Henry and King, Claude.  (2007),  Experiencing God.  Workbook, Lifeway Pub.

Coleman, Robert.  (1993),  Master Plan of Evangelism.  Grand Rapids:  Baker Books. 

Harris, Jerry (2011),  Micropolitan Church  Crossbooks Publishing (Can be purchased at a Crossing bookstore or online)

102 - New Testament Survey

Survey of New Testament packet (This is online in each of the sessions. No purchase required)

Keener, Craig S. (1993). The IVP Bible Background Commentary, InterVarsity Press. ISBN: 978-0-8308-1405-3

103 - Old Testament Survey

Youngblood, Ronald, (1998). The Heart of the Old Testament, Baker Book House.


104 - Life of Christ

Foster, R. C.  (January--1995).  Studies in the Life of Christ:  Introduction, the Early Period, the Middle Period, the Final Week.  College Press Publishing Company.  (1426 pages)

201 - Servant Leadership

Blanchard, Ken and Hodges, Phil.  (2005). Lead Like Jesus.  Nashville:  Thomas Nelson.   ISBN:  978-4003-1420-1

Eiklor, Frank & Lucey, Christopher D.  (2008).  The  Pauline Pattern of Servant Leadership. Pasadena:  ICLI Press.   ISBN:  978-0-9818386-0-1

202 - The Book of Acts

Moore, Mark E.  (2003).  Fanning the Flame: Probing the issues of Acts.  Joplin, MO: College Press Publishing Co.

203 - Interpreting the Bible

Moore, Mark.  Principles of Interpretation Notebook.  An online unpublished internet document for use in introductory level courses.  Access at:

204 - The Church and Paul's Letters

Keener, Craig S. (2000).  The IVP Bible Background Commentary:  New Testament.  InterVarsity Press.

301 - World View and Spiritual Formation

         Wilhoit, James C.  (2008). Spiritual Formation as if the Church Mattered.  Grand Rapids, MI:  Baker Publishing Group.
          There will be multiple videos  included in the weekly lessons for you to use.  Thus, they will serve as your readings. 

302 - The Passion of Christ

The Chronological Life of Christ Vol 2 by Mark Moore

303 - Christian Counseling

Collins, Gary R.  (1995).  How to be a People Helper  Carol Steam IL:  Tyndall House.  ISBN# 978-0-8423-1385-8

304 - Missional Outreach

   Finklea, Josh.  (2007). Get Dirty. Enumclaw, WA:  Pleasant Word—division of WinePress Publishing.

   Rabe, Alan.  (2006). Monograph, Mission, Development and The Church—A Maturing Partnership. San Dimas, CA:  Direct Print & Promotion.

   Various selected articles on the internet with hyperlinks provided. 


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