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This division of Bible History Online offers the entire Smith’s Bible Dictionary for free.  Like other online Bible dictionaries, this one is formatted in the convenient alphabetical order so that you simply

have to click on the letter that your topic of study begins with and you can read any available articles on your topic.


This section of the Cross Walk website offers a great launching pad to a small section of bible dictionaries.  While the selection may not be overwhelming, what is offered on this webpage is

overwhelming.  You can search Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical TheologyHitchcock’s Bible Name DictionarySmith’s Bible Dictionary, and more. These tools are not easy to track down

for free on the internet, but you get them all here at Cross Walk.


No, this is no mistake.  This website offers the entire Easton’s Bible Dictionary online for free.  Listed in alphabetical order, the dictionary is literally on one click away.  You can access any and all of

the articles that are available through Easton’s Bible Dictionary for your research needs.


The key advantage of this website is the search engine feature.  Instead of going through alphabetical lists of the articles found in Easton’s Bible Dictionary, this website allows you to simply type in a

word, phrase, or passage, and all of the articles where you request is found will come up in a Google-like format.  This makes your research much more comprehensive with less effort.


This link connects you to a hub of bible dictionaries that are linked to places where you can access the half dozen dictionaries listed.  You can investigate theAmerican Tract Society Bible Dictionary,

the Easton’s Bible Dictionary, the Holman Bible Dictionary, the Hitchcock’s Bible Names Dictionary, the King James Dictionary, and the Smith’s Bible Dictionary. This link is a part of a much larger

website,, which is full of great resources as well.


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