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What two things I discovered from my study of this assignment.


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First of all this is my first Bible class of any kind and I feel lost.


The first thing caught my attention (A)The Wedding feast at Cana the fact that it is not recorded in Matthew, Mark and Luke, only in the book of John starting in chapter 2

   (B) The fact that only Mary was there (John 2:1) and not Joseph.  Joseph is not recorded anywhere after Jesus was 12 teaching at the temple. Luke 2: 48 is the last account of Joseph. Indicates that he died during that time period.

 (C) How Jesus seemed upset with his mother for involving Him with this problem (John 2:4) called her woman. Seams Jesus was not ready to start his public ministry at this time, but he allowed his mother wishes, and completed this miracle. 


  This account is only in the book of John

A)     This was the first time that Jesus traveled through Samaria (John 4:4) since He started he public ministry. Stopping at the well to rest Jesus encountered a Samaritan woman (John 4:6). Jesus did not judge or condemned the woman (John 12:47) He simply stated what truth was about her past to show her who He was.

B)      How the disciples did not question why Jesus was talking to the Samaritan woman (John 4:27). This was something that never happened between Jews and Samaritan. Jesus only saw the hurt in her and shared the word of salvation with the Samaritan and they accepted his teaching (John 4 35,36,37)    

C)      How the woman could not understand what Jesus was telling her (John 4:15) she thought he was telling her about physical water (John 4:13) and Jesus was talking about spiritual water (John 4:14). She knew the messiah was coming (John 4:25) but the woman did not know who she was talking with until Jesus told her about her past.(John 4:29). Jesus told her who He was (John 4:26)

D)     The woman left her water jug (John 4:28) when Jesus told her to go and return with husband (John 4:16). I found this to be odd because it was a personal item. 

I'm feeling lost too!! First Bible class and first online class in a very long time!! (probably shortly after internet was invented.  lol)

I found this assignment to be very interesting and informative. The fact that only Jesus himself referred to himself as The Son of Man, I feel, says alot about his humility and his compassion for humanity. The fact that he associated this name with idea of suffering and death only reinforces these ideals.

The woman at the well is one of my favorite stories recorded in John. The reaction from the Samaritan woman fascinates me because after speaking to Jesus for only a little time she left to proclaim what she had seen and heard. Her story of the encounter must have been very convincing because of those who heard her testimony, many believed. John 4:39
This story is so encouraging. Just to think that this one woman, with a bad reputation and past was responsible for bringing so many to Christ with her testimony. It only shows that Jesus will use the mist unlikely people to bring glory to God.

I really like the woman at the well story as well.  It really does reinforce the idea that even if we are all caught in problems and the world doesn't see us as fit to be One with God, we most certainly are.  The woman thought she was a goner, that she had nothing to offer.  Yet Jesus saw a child of God.  I think it's great as well that she was heard by so many after this.    

I. The Wedding at Cana

1)      What did I learn about Jesus?

(A)   I learn at the wedding that Jesus showed some emotion (John 2:4). He seemed upset called his mother "woman", but he allowed his mother’s wish and completed this miracle ( maybe following the 5th commandment)

(B)   The fact that only Mary was there (John 2:1) and not Joseph.  Joseph is not recorded anywhere after Jesus was 12 and teaching at the temple. Luke 2: 48 is the last account of Joseph. Indicates that he died during that time period.


2)      What did I learn about my role in kingdom (church)?

That we to have patience and realize that everything is in Gods timing and not mine.

 Jesus stated that my time has not yet come  (John 2:4) 



3)      How will I use this in my ministry?

This is going to be a challenge for me because I am not a patient person and waiting on something is not easy for me. I have to learn to pray more and to wait on Gods timing and when I do these things Gods way they always work out for the best.

I'm torn on if he was truly upset with His comment "woman my hour has not yet come". I know its stated that He didn't appreciate His mother calling Him out, but I'm torn on if that was just a customary way of addressing her or if He was really upset.

I can totally relate to your lack of patients. My patients are also constantly tested, but you are correct, its all in Gods timing.

I don't think Jesus was upset with his Mother. One of my bibles says "Dear woman, why do you involve me?" Another bible has a foot note on this verse that indicates the Greek for "Women" does not denote any disrespect.

Thanks Teresa that clears that up in my little mind.

. The Titles of Jesus

1)      What did I learn about Jesus

That Jesus referred to himself “Son of Man” (John 5:27)


2)      What did I learn about my role in kingdom (church)

That Jesus was not a son of a man but the Son of all man. He took on flesh and blood and lived through all of our temptations and remained sinless.

 When Jesus asked about who they were saying He was. Jesus knew the thoughts but wanted Simon Peter to confess that Jesus was the Son of the Living God (Matthew 16:16). Jesus knows our hearts he want us to confess with our words.

When Jesus is referred to as The Lamb of God it means more towards the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross



3)      How will I use this in my ministry?

There are so many titles given to Jesus in the scriptures and each of them referees to a little different meaning. I have to watch and understand  how to use them. 

III. The woman at well

1)      What did I learn about Jesus

I Learned that Jesus used every opportunity to share the word to anyone he came in contact with (John 4:7). The woman was about as far opposite from who Jesus had been teaching (John 4:9). She was an outcast but Jesus used the opportunity and shared His message with her (John 4:10) and then she shared the encounter about Jesus with the people in town (John 4:28)  and they all came to hear Jesus speak(John 4:30), and many of them accepted Jesus (John 4:35). Also Jesus used the time to teach the disciples (John 4:35)


2)      What did I learn about my role in kingdom (church)

 I need to remember that someone took time to share the word with me, and it is up to me to share the word of God with others. One of my biggest problems is to look at people like Jesus did and remember that everyone needs to accept Jesus as the lord and savior of their lives.



3)      How will I use this in my ministry?

I will remember that Jesus can use anyone to do his work. I have to remember that Jesus died on cross for every person, and we are not to judge them but to share the word and show compassion.

Jesus used unlikely people to do his work, I have to remember that I am not worthy of what Jesus did for me.

I have to share the word of God with everyone God leads me to because God has a plan for everyone and it needs a starting point.

I also appreciated the fact that Jesus not only took the time to speak to the Samaritan woman, but as you have stated Jesus also used this time to teach his disciples. I'm willing to bet that Jesus didn't do anything with out it having multiple teachings.

 IV. The Sabbath Controversy

1)      What did I learn about Jesus

Everything that Jesus did he was being watch; the religious leaders were looking for anything to destroy Jesus’s testimony.  They were watching not only Jesus but who he was with at the time. In Mark 2:23 Jesus did not pick heads of wheat but the disciples were the one were the one who picked and ate the grain.

Jesus knew the intent of the Jews laws. Man interrupted the laws to fit their thoughts.   


2)      What did I learn about my role in kingdom (church)

I have to watch everything I do so as not to give anyone a reason to doubt my testimony.

 We all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23) , but we cannot use this as an excuse to sin or people will use this as a way of judging us.




3)      How will I use this in my ministry?

Jealousy is a major player in people’s lives and when someone get jealous and start acting upon these thoughts, they will look for any reason to accuse me of sin, and try to make themselves look better.(Acts 13:45). Jesus faced this daily, the religious leader could not stand Jesus’s teaching because it was against their believes. 


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