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What are two things I discovered from my study of this assignment?

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There were so many things i learned from our reading. But the two that sticks out to me is. 1) John did not know that Jesus was the Christ until Jesus came out of the water. It is unclear if it was only John there or if they had others around but they way i read it was John was the only one that saw the sky open and the Spirit of God  come down. 2)  My second lesson was on John again. He did not tell others that he Baptized Christ. He only shared the word to prepare others for his coming. And he was the only one that did not write about the baptism. Where the other writers did in the Gospels. Matthew 3:13-17, Mark 1:9-11, and Luke 3:21-33.  

your first statement stands out to me also because John preached about the coming of Christ and stated in Matthew 3:13 "I need to be baptized by you and you come to me". Did John make this statement after the baptism of Jesus took place???? 

I believe he said it before. For the reason he knew Jesus was without sin and not because he knew he was Christ. Johns mission was to get people to get baptised to be forgiven for there sins. I guess what I am trying to say he figured Jesus did not need to be baptised due to he had no sin.
I would agree , God had revealed to John that Jesus was sinless, which does leave me think that John must have at least entertained the idea that Jesus was indeed the Messiah, after all how many men of this age would have escaped sin? But, God affirmed this with the descent.

Remember John said, "Behold the Lamb who takes away the sins of the world".  I assume that Mary and Elizabeth had told their sons about the miraculous events surrounding the cousins births.

Jason, John's baptism was for repentance and not for the forgiveness of sins.  It was also devoid of the Holy Spirit.  See Acts 19:1ff.

Jason,  I also love your first point.  I have read the baptism of Jesus and the story that follows about Jesus calling his disciples, but I guess I always mixed up my timelines.  I always thought at least one of the accounts had John identifying Jesus before the baptism, but I guess that was later that day, the next day or even the next week or so as Jesus began calling his disciples.  

Super interesting thoughts!

Session one


I enjoyed reading these chapters and there was so much I did not know or understand. One thing that stood out to me was the Angel Gabriel appeared to both Zacarius (Luke 1:11) and then reviled his name in (Luke 1:19) and then to Marry in (Luke 1:26) but Luke does not record a visit to Joseph (Matthew 1:20) make me wonder could the same Angel appeared to all three. And was it Gabriel who appeared to the Shepherds in the field??

Second was on the 40th day when Joseph and Mary took him to temple by law. How did Simeon and Anna know they were holding the Messiah?  (Luke 2:28 and Luke 2:38).  There statements should of created some excitement around the Baby Jesus and make other people notice them.  Were they the only one at the temple? There is so little knowledge of Jesus Childhood years. 

You think like i do about Gabriel. we may never know if it was him that appeared to all of them but that is one of the many things i love about the Father, Heaven and the Angles. We were never meant to figure everything out. If we knew everything why would we need to seek the Kingdom.

I totally agree with the fact that we will never know everthing and that we have to keep seeking the the word of God
As far as Simeon and Anna's knowledge of Jesus being the Messiah, Luke 2:25 -27 which talks about how the Holy Spirit was on him ( Simeon) and how he was moved by the Spirit to the temple courts leads me to believe that God had revealed the knowledge if Jesus to him. At least that's how I interpret the passage.

(to you second point)  In Luke 2:33, it simply says that the child's father and mother marveled at what was said about him.  This also seems very "matter of fact".  Luke was a very organized author and seemed to put a lot of detail about the people God used in and around Jesus' life.  His audience was the gentiles and it appears that he wrote his account so that people would marvel at how awesome God was and that his plan was for all people to enjoy and take part in.  


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