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What are two things I discovered from my study of this assignment?

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On your 2nd point - How did Simeon and Anna know they were holding the Messiah?

Luke 2:27 tells us Simeon was "moved by the Spirit, he went into the temple courts. When the parents (Mary & Joseph) brought in the child Jesus to do for him what the custom of the Law required". I'm left to wonder when he was moved by the Spirit if he experienced one of those "you know that you know that you know" kind of experiences.

I agree there is so little knowledge of Jesus' childhood. 

The first fact that became evident to me was significance of the nativity and it's representation of what would later become the church. The company present during the first days of Jesus, the shepherds, who where the lowliest class, and the Gentile wise men, those of highly educated wealth, would be a perfect representation of God's perfect plan to bring his son into the world so that everyone could receive salvation.

I also found the debate on whether the decent of the spirit during Jesus' baptism to be quite interesting. I must say I believe this event was visible to only the parties involved Jesus and John. The purpose being to announce the to John that in fact Jesus was the Christ, the messiah he had been preparing for. In essence his task was now complete. John gives his testimony on this event in John 1:32-34

The first point caught my attention  as well on the fact that both Jews and Gentiles both visited Him.  

1.(A)I learned that there is very little knowledge of Jesus as a child. And that there is no account of Joseph after Jesus is teaching in the temple at the age of 12 and from then on only Mary is the only one mentioned in scripture.

(B) I learned that John did not know who Jesus was when Jesus approached him to be baptized and that John did not tell anyone he baptized Jesus. John knew Jesus was without sin but did not know he was the messiah until after the heaven opened up and he heard the voice of God.

2.    (A) I learned that there is so much that we will never know about the word of God and the                                                         meaning of a lot of scriptures (the parables).

(B) I also learned that you need to study the scriptures in several books to get a true picture of the meaning, because somethings are left out of each account.

3.    This question was difficult in the fact that this is why I am taking these classes is to learn more and to be able to apply in my life.

(A) Need to study several area of Bible to get whole picture of message and to remember that people we are working with my have never heard the message we are talking about (need to keep it simple).

(B) Never be afraid to ask question but when we get answers we need to be able to back them with scriptures before we apply to our lives (don’t believe without studding the scriptures our self)   

Question so I am clear like I said I am new at this. Isn't part of repentance turning away from your sin? I know its also asking for forgiveness andvto change your heart as well. Thank you for correcting me on this it really helps me.

It is very interesting that John the Baptist recognized Jesus as Lord and Savior when the dove came to rest above Jesus' head after baptism.  (John 1:32-34)  It is known that when John was preparing the way for Jesus, there were many people who did not know the reason they were being baptized or they came there simply to mock the wild techniques and appearance of John.  John warned then to turn away form their sin.  This is theorized to be the reason that John may not have recognized Jesus at first, but it was evident directly after the baptism.

The second interesting thing to me, was the way in which Luke's account differed in the birth narrative and why.  It is apparent that Luke was writing to gentiles, therefor he seemed to focus on God's strategic and perfectly placed people in the story.  God used righteous people and sent his angel Gabriel to them.  The Angel would tell them that they are "highly favored."  On a side note, an interesting aspect of the other two birth narrative accounts, that I see are Matthew wrote to Jews and needed to establish Jesus as rightful heir to the Nation of Israel. (Matthew 1:1)  He shows how he was descended from King David and Abraham.  John establishes the supernaturalness (is that a word) of Jesus.  John retells the Genesis account of The Word in the beginning. (John 1:1-2)

I thought it was great that the reading stated that after John had prepared the way for Jesus that John let Jesus go pursue His own methods of self-revelation.  I think this applies to us greatly as we go through our walk with Christ, especially right after baptism or accepting Him.  We can accept Him and listen to others but truly we have to have our own self-revelation, our own personal relationship.


I love what you shared. We as John can do our part to prepare the way for someone else to come to the knowledge of Jesus, but at some point they need to have a self-revelation which leads them to have an intimate personal relationship with Jesus. That's why it's always so important for us to point others towards Jesus.

I really enjoyed how you explained how and why John didn't recognize Jesus at first. I was also confused at first on how John managed to receive so many followers too. knowing that some were there who truly believed John, or were there out of curiosity or to mock, makes since.

Don't you think that John's comment to Jesus "I have need to be baptized of you" indicates some personal knowledge of Jesus?

As I'm catching up on reading this is what I was wondering.. John indicated when Jesus instructed John to baptism him, " I have the need to be baptized of you"  this to me indicated that John realized Jesus was definitely a special person, in John's opinion more noble than himself.  This made me believe that he did know before the Baptism.

Your description of each author's purpose was like an ah ha moment that I didn't pick up while reading this.  It is a very important  moment though so thanks!


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