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What are two things I discovered from my study of this assignment?

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Two page, double spaced paper by Sunday at 6pm

Emailed to

What exactly you looking for in subject material in the paper?

Just wanting to clear up what is due, thanks

On this first paper I want you to examine and reflect about how the culture has impacted the Scripture and/or the church.  Tell me about it.

Emailed to your regular email address  or though this site?  

So we should do the 3 questions daily for our reading assignments?

So we will have to respond to each other every day and do the 2 page paper?

Correct.  What you do here on the website amounts to classroom discussion.  Make your point and respond to two others.  You will have a weekly assignment due at the end of weeks 2-5.  Next week you will take the Sermon on the Mount and analyze it using the beatitudes.  I want you to notice that most it fits one of the beatitudes.  You will need to watch the Monday video in order to completely understand the assignment. 

After reading about John the Baptists having his followers before baptizing Jesus, It occurred to me that John could gain so many followers by telling them of a Messiah that was coming. Yet we are challenged today to gain believers of a Messiah that has already come, ministered, worked great miracles, died and resurrected. I also didn’t realize that there is not any written history of the 12 disciples ever being baptized either.

I loved the breakdown of Genesis 1:1. “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  I have read that verse countless times, yet never really broke down the “Word”. It’s sometimes difficult to separate the Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and God while understanding they are one in the same. I have never thought of the word “Word” being Jesus with God during the creation.

I also never really analyzed who saw the opening off heaven and heard to words of God. I had always assumed everyone around and this would increase the followers of Jesus.  In truth, this even was meant for no one but John the Baptist and at the time was not used to move the ministry in any way.

I am feeling totally Off!  This is my First MDI class.  I have been on Canvas and found assignments and reading, but However did not find this site until tonight.  I plan to now read what everyone has put on here and add my own reflections...  I'm wondering though what else I have missed and do not know??

It looks like I need to make a comment here on each assignment With the three questions and also comment on two others, correct?

I am going to make this on the first weeks readings... I am still working on my comments to others.  If I need to do more please let me know (I'm going to try to catch up one week at a time!) 

As I read of the Birth of Christ I often wondered how such an important even could have so few people in attendance.  I was unaware that the star that shown leading the way of the wise men was not some bright spotlight signing for all to see I also hadn't taken the symbolism of the visitors of the nativity representing the church.  The poor shepherds, rich wisemen, the uneducated the educated, jews and Gentiles, all representing everyone in the world.  Which is whom God sent his son to save through his crucifixion.

The second thing I learned (and I feel this shows my lack of Bible knowledge before this class) Was how Jesus' Baptism takes place at the beginning of his ministry and how this is significant as is ours marking the deciding line between our old life of sin and the new life in Christ.  For Jesus this moment set forth his absolute devotion to his life work.


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